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itp thesis 2022

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a ritual to interface with randomness as a godlike entity, where both the participant and computer consume procedurally generated content that is presented as a digital, non-linear zine.

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Humans have an innate tendency to explore, classify, and catalog information of their own experiences. By telling stories about the lives we are living, we live outside of ourselves – these externalizations of our interiorities simultaneously connect us to the world and disconnect us from ourselves. Social media is a contemporary channel through which we share our selves and our stories. The connectedness that the current Internet has allowed for has become irreversible, and checking our screens has become a daily routine. In online spaces, we are classified with labels that create barriers between ourselves and others. We are given content that the algorithm classifies as good for us. This randomness in how we see and interact with online content is fascinating. Are our classifications random or are they truly a reflection of who we are? Is it fate we saw a particular piece of media and it resonated with us? My proclamation is this: there is no boundary between fate and randomness, they coexist yet we only acknowledge the former. Fate is random. Algorithms are rituals. My proposition is to create a ritual where an observer can interact with randomness on a transcendent level.

watch my thesis presentation on vimeo!

ITP Thesis Week 2022: Sam Heckle from ITP_NYU on Vimeo