about sam

    hi 👋
    if you are looking here, you likely are a student or potential employer of mine! welcome!
    this website operates more like a more-or-less-specific resume, but half the links are inconsistent whether they link to the actual project or to a blog about the project.
    you can always ask me! i will intermittantly update this site when i'm feeling particularly motivated, mayhaps during summers when i don't teach.
    basically me:
      ✧ coder
      ✧ teacher
      ✧ researcher
      ✧ critic
      ✧ gamer
      ✧ cat lover
    places i am:
      ✧ New York City, NY (2021-)
      ✧ New York University
      ✧ School of Visual Arts
    places i have been:
      ✧ The New School
      ✧ The Washington Post
      ✧ Seattle, WA (2018-2021)
      ✧ The Walt Disney Company
      ✧ Microsoft
      ✧ Rochester, NY (2015-2018)
      ✧ Rochester Institute of Technology
      ✧ Berkeley, CA (1997-2015)

this is what i look like 👆

this is my cat saffron 👇